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I confess, I'm hooked on confing. 1 - 2 times every month I just have to configure my system. Below you will see some more (or less) successfull attempts.

This was my first real attempt on windows to configure it to something I liked. The theme is gloworm with a background I made myself. Also visible is trillian with a fitting skin and my own config of Samurize.
After the gloworm theme I downloaded all the bluecurve skins I could find for windows and RedHat?ified my desktop. I like the bluecurve theme, it is really clean and nice.
When I installed linux on my new machine I was a bit split in which wm I should use. I came to the conclusion that one of the advantages of linux is that I'm really not bound in one wm. When I get tired of one I just start anotherone. So I started with kde since I think think that most good application are built around kde. However I've never liked the feeling of kde but it's configurable I'll give it that. Nice theme though, I went for the aqua feel, sort of. The image open in gimp was my first choice as a background but I later switched to an aquafruit image by weboso.
This was my first desktop with gnome on my new machine. I've always been a big fan of the "smokey blue" gtk theme and together with the gorilla metacity frames and backdrop I think this themes works quite well.
After a quick trip into kde I was soon back in gnome again. This desktop is the first where I modified an existing theme (and not just using several themes together). It was the industrial theme which I changed frome using blue tones to be completely white and gray. The object of this gtk themes was to fit with the excellent breeze theme for firefox. (However breeze2 whiteheart for firefox is not even half as good as breeze for firebird, why did he change?).

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