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This page describes how a WikiAdministrator can create additional InterMap links.

The file intermap.txt in the scripts directory specifies the default InterMap links that are distributed with PmWiki. Each line of intermap.txt has the following format:

For example, intermap.txt has the following entries:

To create your own InterMap links, do not edit the intermap.txt file directly! You'll lose your changes when you do a PmWiki.Upgrade. Instead, create a file called localmap.txt in the local/ subdirectory containing your InterMap links in the format described above. PmWiki will automatically read your links after loading the intermap.txt entries.

The intermap technique is also useful to get access to uploaded documents of other WikiGroups. Suppose you have a group called Figures with uploads; you can add a line to localmap.txt like

and access the uploaded files for that group by using figures:your-upload.doc from any group in the PmWiki.

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