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Organization of PmWiki files

  • pmwiki.php is the main script that runs this wiki system.
  • local.php (optional) is where administrators place local customizations. If it is present, it is automatically included in pmwiki.php.
  • local (directory) is a good place to store PerGroupCustomizations and other LocalCustomizations.
    • local/localmap.txt contains locally-defined CustomInterMap shortcuts.
  • wiki.d (directory) contains wiki pages created by users, stored as individual text files. It is created automatically the first time pmwiki.php is run. Filenames consist of Groupname.Pagename. Deleted pages are Groupname.Pagename,time. You can physically remove deleted files from this directory only via a shell or FTP command.
  • wikilib.d (directory) contains default wiki pages supplied with the PmWiki distribution. The files in this directory are used whenever a page of the same name doesn't exist in the wiki.d directory.
  • scripts (directory) contains add-on scripts including:
    • intermap.txt defines default InterMap "shortcuts" for certain URLs.
    • faq.php
    • includeurl.php
    • pgcust.php
    • pmwe
    • simple-journal.php
    • trails.php
  • COPYING is a copy of the GNU General Public License.

Directory/file ownership and permissions

TODO: coming soon

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