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PmWiki is a WikiWikiWeb clone developed by PatrickMichaud in the PHP scripting language. PmWiki has been primarily designed as a tool to support easy, collaborative authoring and maintenance of web sites. PmWiki is distributed under the General Public License (GPL).

Pages created in PmWiki are editable using nothing more than a standard web browser and a simple markup language. Yet through this simple interface one can easily create dynamic web sites, groupware systems, document management systems, and knowledge bases.

Features of PmWiki include (among other things):

  • Easy installation, maintenance, and upgrades
  • Pages can be edited by any standard web browser -- just click the "Edit Page" link on any page (try it in the WikiSandbox)
  • Simple and powerful TextFormattingRules
  • Easy to set up
  • Automatic linking between pages, including WikiWord links and free links
  • Password-protect pages to restrict viewing or editing
  • Ability to organize pages into WikiGroups, with headers and access controls shared among the pages in the group
  • Tracking of page revisions, with ability to easily recall and restore previous versions of a page
  • WikiTrails to easily create sequences of links throughout pages
  • File uploads and attachments
  • Markup includes standard (classic) wiki markup, floating images, tables, large sections of preformatted text, colored text and WikiStyles
  • Site administrators can easily add customized markup sequences
  • Most LocalCustomizations are held in a separate configuration file
  • InterMap capabilities to provide shortcuts to other WikiWikiWeb systems and web sites
  • Electronic mail notification of changes to pages
  • Modular design allows features to be easily added for custom applications

PmWiki:PmWikiUsers lists some sites currently using PmWiki software. If your site is using PmWiki, please add it to the list!

This site is running pmwiki-0.5.27. The software is freely available under the GNU Public License and may be downloaded from Documentation is available via the DocumentationIndex.

Join the pmwiki-users mailing list for discussions, announcements, and help with PmWiki.

PmWiki is a registered trademark of Patrick R. Michaud.

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