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The following information appears after pressing "Save" on the Edit page:

Warning: fopen("wiki.d/Main.HomePage", "w") - Permission denied in .../pmwiki.php on line 490

Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output started at .../pmwiki.php:490) in .../pmwiki.php on line 287

PmWiki can't process your request

Cannot write text to Main.HomePage (Main.HomePage)

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Possible Cause

When attempting to restore the wiki from a backup copy, the user copies wiki files to the wiki.d directory. The newly uploaded copies have an improper permission or owner. For example, if the user's name on a system is "qwerty", the uploaded files' owner will be "qwerty".

Note: Files created by PmWiki have permissions of 664 (-rw-rw-r--) and usually owner "www", the web server. The web server may run under a different name, such as "nobody".


The best solution is to reset the newly uploaded files' owner. This may be done by running the unix chown command, but only superusers have access to this. Here are some other options:

Solution #1.

Write a restore script that will run from the web server to copy the files from your old wiki.d directory into your new one. This will copy the files from oldwiki.d to wiki.d, but the new files will be owned by www and have the correct permissions. To do this:

  • rename your old wiki.d to oldwiki.d
  • change permissions on your pmwiki directory to 2777
  • write a php script as follows:
        system("/bin/cp oldwiki.d/* wiki.d");
  • put the script in your pmwiki directory and call it in a browser; it was successful if there were no results.

If the file permissions also need to be set, write a script as follows:
        <?php system("/bin/chmod 664 wiki.d/*"); ?>
Again, put the script in your pmwiki directory and call it in a browser; it was successful if there were no results.

Solution #2.

You can rename wiki.d to oldwiki.d and then add it to the list of directories to be searched, and let PmWiki create and manage a new wiki.d directory. Just add:

   $WikiLibDirs = array("wiki.d","oldwiki.d","wikilib.d");

to local.php. This tells PmWiki to look in wiki.d, oldwiki.d, and wikilib.d when displaying a page. However, all of the edited pages will go in "wiki.d" (or whatever $WikiDir is set to).

Solution #3.

You could also copy your files directly into wikilib.d, but that directory is better reserved for the PmWiki distributions.

Solution #4.

Set the permissions on all of the restored wiki files to 777. There is a security risk here, and this is not the recommended solution.

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