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There are a lot of specialized markups that make use of the double bracket [[...]] sequence, many of these are described here.


A PmWiki text-search box. Normally used in Main.SearchWiki but can be placed anywhere.

Titles, Groups, etc.
[[$Title]] - The page title, as in "SpecialMarkups"
[[$Group]] - the page group name, as in "PmWiki"
[[$Titlespaced]] - the page title spaced, as in "Special Markups"
[[$Groupspaced]] - the group name spaced, as in "Pm Wiki"
[[$LastModified]] - the date the page was last modified
[[$LastModifiedHost]] - the host that performed the last modification
[[$DefaultGroup]] - the wiki server's default group, as in "Main"
[[$Attachlist]] - see UploadsAdmin

Header & Footer
Turns off the PmWiki-generated header, footer, or group header for the page.

Note that there's no space after the colon.
Includes the text of another wiki page in this one. Note that this can mangle references if the included page belongs to another group (use $ThisPage for references to anchors within a page to prevent included anchors from breaking).
To prevent infinite loops of includes, only a limited number of includes are actually executed (controlled by the configuration variable $MaxIncludes, which defaults to 10). If you need more than 10 included files in a page, speak with the WikiAdministrator.

Redirects the browser to a different wiki page, adding a message to inform the user that the redirection has taken place.

Misc Bracket Abuse
Forces a line break, specifically inserts the HTML "<br clear='all'>"
Display the PmWiki version number, i.e. "pmwiki-0.5.27"
[[$Edit text]]
Display an Edit link, like this Click This Link To Edit This Page
[[$Diff text]]
Display a Revisions link, like this Click This Link To See Page Revisions
Place this directive in a page and it will cause all of the WikiWords in the page to be displayed with spaces. (Of course, [[spacewikiwords]] can go in a GroupHeader page to cause all pages in a group to be displayed with spaced WikiWords.). This can also be turned on by setting $spacewikiwords=1 in customization (see PmWiki.Variables).
Creates an anchor in a page.
[[#anchorname text]]
Creates a link to an anchor within the same page.

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