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Welcome to the TempBlog system!


The system is created by Erik Cedheim but is free to use for anyone who doesn't use it for personal gain. The system is under development and is treated as is. You use this system of your free will, any crashes / data loss because of this system is not my fault.

The TempBlog is a simple blogger I made for myself but never used. It doesn't have any fancy functions or formatting but is functional (it also has multiple user functions, but no interface implemented for managing users so it will need to be managed directly through the database).

The system requires a mysql database at the moment.


  1. Unpack the directory.
  2. Upload to your remote host.
  3. Change the rights of include/config.php to 666 or -rw-rw-rw.
  4. Open setup.php in your browser and enter the required information, press install.
  5. Once the install is done, change the rights of include/config.php so that only you can read it (644).
  6. remove setup.php.
  7. Start posting.

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Page last modified on March 28, 2007, at 03:43 PM