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The TempEngine is currently under development. It is currently under revision from a previous version which was Win32 only. The current version (although in very early stages) will be comaptible with linux and windows through OpenGL? and SDL.


  • 2004-04-05 Large update of rendering method which postponed the first checkpoint to after the weekend.
  • 2004-03-31 Current API
  • 2004-03-31 Added description of first checkpoint.

First Checkpoint

Goal date: 2004-04-02
Reached On: 2004-04-04
The first checkpoint in the new TempEngine is to develop a code skeleton without any special features capable of rendering simple triangles and using keyboard for input.
What's done
  • General code structure.
  • Rendering of simple triangles.
  • Matrix library (excluding Quaternions).
  • Material (more advanced properties needed).
What needs to be done.
  • Input handling.
  • Define a better interface for implementing a program in application. (usage of GameEngine?).
  • A final documentation sweep, making sure all files are updated according to the coding standard

TempEngine Win32

The first go at developing a 3d engine for games ended when I realized I needed to do some fundamental changes in my abstraction as well as keeping it possible to port the engine to multiple plattforms.


The original temp engine had several nice features, be certain that these features will be ported to the new TempEngine.
  • Hierarchial Objects
  • Skeleton based animation system.
  • Deformable B-Spline surfaces (might be removed in future versions).
  • Suport for Milkshape objects.
  • Possibility to change several settings of the scene.
  • Simple Paticle Engines.

Planned Features

In the new TempEngine I plan to include.
  • Height-Maps
  • Possibility to use BSP trees.
  • Possibility to use Quad trees.
  • Advanced OpenGL? extensions like bumpmaps etc.
  • Collision detection algorithms.
  • More advanced Particle Engines with custimizable controls and possibility to join several Particle Engines to larger engines.

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